My Dad recently sent me an article about setting goals for professional development, but the advice seems pertinent in all areas of life. The past year has been a bit hectic for me, having moved twice and started a new job in a new city. I haven’t found the time to work much on my sewing and I wanted to change that. The article from my Dad said that by establishing smart goals that it would make you feel more motivated and accomplished. It gave 5 steps to help with this process:

Step 1: Write it down – Set your objectives down on paper.

Step 2: Be positive – State goals in a positive way.

Step 3: Start small – Break goals down into smaller steps.

Step 4: Check in – Evaluate progress periodically.

Step 5: Reward yourself – Treat yourself for reaching your goals.

So with Autumn quickly approaching, I have decided to start it off by prioritizing the projects I want to complete over the next three months. I am hoping that by creating a list that I will be motivated to complete items. This is especially important since my free time is at a premium given my full time work schedule plus other commitments. I want to make this list realistic, since I am also be busy unpacking and working on home projects after my move. I plan to do a mid-season check in around the middle of October and then a round up the end of November to see how I did. If this proves to be a useful tool for organizing my projects, then I plan to continue this each season.

1. Ashwin’s quilt – This quilt is almost completely finished. I just need to finish hand stitching the binding, which is already 50% done. A nice, easy project to tick off my list.

2. Liz’s quilt – I have had this quilt top completed for over a year now. This is to be a gift for my sister and I want to get it done by the end of September. She asked for wool batting and brown fabric as the backing, both of which are already purchased. So I just need to bast, quilt and bind.

3. Mom’s quilt – I would like to complete a quilt for my mom by the end of November so that I can gift it to her for Hannukah. She has already picked out the fabric, a nice selection of Asian inspired prints. I will just throw in some coordinating solids. I am leaning towards using the modified bento box quilt tutorial from Film in the Fridge.

4. Shopping bag set – I want to finish up a set of shopping totes like the ones that I made for my mom last year for mother’s day. These are 50% completed and are meant as a gift for Ashwin’s mom.

5. Echino quilt – I would like to cut out all of the fabric for my Echino quilt. I have a design in mind, but I am going to keep that a secret for now. I will be using the 84 10-inch squares of different Echino prints that I received through the three rounds of Echino fabric swaps.

6. Bee Blocks – I want to stay on schedule for all of my bee blocks over the next 3 months.

I think that I could reasonably accomplish these goals within the next 3 months. If I can, then I plan to reward myself with a wonderful lighting fixture for my bedroom that I have been eying over at West Elm.

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